Advance Paris Zeneo ZX, acoustically pure wireless HiFi loudspeakers

New loudspeakers now available in Spain ZENEO ZX of Advance Paris.

If you are in search of a truly wireless hi-fi quality system that combines audiophile performance, ergonomics and versatility for both analogue and dematerialised sources, then the Advance Paris ZENEO ZX is for you.

The new ZENEO ZX speakers from Advance Paris are the result of the company's efforts to integrate the best electronic and acoustic solutions available today.

Counting on a class AB amplification system (combination of class A and class B), make them exceptionally musical, the most commonly used class of amplification in hi-fi amplifiers for demanding audiophiles. The ZENEO ZX has four independent amplifiers to supply power to each driver. The advantage of multiamplification is that it allows for allows customisation for each loudspeaker type.

The woofers are powered by 70W RMS / 150W class AB boost amplifiers and the tweeters by 20W RMS / 40W boost class AB amplifiers..


Its technical specifications include DSP filtering, 32-bit Tri-Core processor for excellent synchronisation, aptX-HD bluetooth also available as WiFi version (allowing access to additional functions such as playback from a NAS - networked external hard drive and multi-room). Available in various finishes: Jeans/Black, Light Wood and Walnut. 

ZENEO ZX 0 ranges

Advance the connectivity of your HiFi set with the ZENEO ZX from Advance Paris. Ask us or your nearest specialist dealer about the Advance Paris ZENEO ZX.

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