ArtSound launches Brainwave range of Earphones and Earpods

The Belgian firm specialises in audio solutions, ArtSoundpresents his new line of wireless headphones, Brainwave.

ArtSound, with the Brainwave range of equipment, wanted to make it easier for the comfort, boost reliability and performance even in the most demanding and adventurous environments with your headset.. Easy to use, adaptable, lightweight and comfortable are the basis for the Brainwave line of headphones and earbuds that every music lover will appreciate. Here is a description of the models launched by ArtSound

ArtSound Brainwaves 01 & 03


If you are looking for comfort and good sound in a small, durable earbuds, the Brainwaves 01 & 03 are for you.. Under the latest state of the art technology, the Brainwaves 01 & 03 incorporate a integrated equaliser and microphone guaranteeing a balanced sound that brings out the treble and bass in fullness. At the same time, its comfort level is highlighted by its intuitive touch control which makes it easy to switch from a song to a phone call with ease, and the Brainwaves feel light and lightweight, yet they're also waterproof due to IPX4 protection. This level of comfort is supported by thanks to customised pads that the Belgian firm incorporated in the package to adapt the Brainwaves to your ears.

ArtSound Brainwaves 01 4
ArtSound Brainwaves 01 4 2

If we talk about the autonomy aspects of use, the Brainwaves guarantee 4h wireless use + 12h if you carry them in their stylish charging case.


Brainwave 01 & 03 data sheets

  • Bluetooth System / TWS 5. 0
  • Sensitivity 100+ / -3db / 1khz
  • Speaker 2 X 9mm, 16Ω
  • Built-in microphone: 1 microphone - Brainwave 03 version - Double built-in microphone
  • Active noise cancellation: No - Brainwave 03 Version - Yes
  • Touch control: Yes
  • Playback time / With cover: 4h / 12h
  • Charging time Headphones / Case: 1,5 - 2h / 1,5h 
  • Lithium polymer headset battery - 50mah (each) 
  • Case battery: 280mah 
  • Power supply - Headset battery: 3.7v / 40mah 
  • Power supply - Box Battery: 3.7v / 400mah 
  • Charging cable, type C 
  • Weight Case / Earphones 40g / 4.3g (each) 
  • Colour Black / Green 
  • IPX4 splash protection 
  • Extra 3 silicone ear cones (s/m/l)

RRP 60,00 € tax incl. (Brainwave 01) - 80,00 € tax incl. (Brainwave 03)

ArtSound Brainwaves 05 & 07


Now we turn to the Brainwaves 05 & 07, supra-aural and circumaural wireless headphones respectively that convey the essence of wireless freedom and impeccable sound quality. At 140 grams (Brainwaves 05) these headphones are packed with technology. Their built-in transducers generate an exceptionally clear, powerful and above all warm sound, both in quieter and more intense sessions. As with their smaller siblings Brainwaves 01 & 03, these headphones inherit all of their comfort by incorporating a volume control via intuitive buttons on the earpiece also allowing you to switch between music and telephone. Another plus point is that the built-in microphone picks up your voice clearly. The headband of these Brainwave headphones is made of durable material and so comfortable that you'll forget you're wearing them.

BRAINWAVE05 SF 02 with logo2

In addition, The headphones are waterproof (IPX4 protection).so you can wear them in all circumstances. The autonomy of the Brainwave 05 & 07 will allow you to have several sessions being this of 15 h for Brainwave 05 and 35h for Brainwave 07.

BR0507 23

Brainwave 05 & 07 data sheets

  • Bluetooth System / TWS 5. 0
  • Sensitivity 100+ / -3db / 1khz
  • Speaker 2 x 40mm, 32Ω
  • Built-in microphone: 1 microphone - Brainwave 07 version - Double built-in microphone
  • Active Noise Cancellation: No - Brainwave 07 Version - Yes
  • Playback time: 15h (Brainwave 05) 35h (Brainwave 07)
  • Charging time Headphones: 1.5 - 2h
  • Power supply - Headset battery: 5v / 380mah - (Brainwave 07): 5v / 750mah
  • Charging cable, type C 
  • Weight Earphones 140g (Brainwave 05) - 260g (Brainwave 07)
  • Colour Black / Green 
  • IPX4 splash protection 
  • Foldable headphones

RRP 90,00 € tax incl. (Brainwave 05) - 100,00 € tax incl. (Brainwave 07)

ArtSound's Brainwave line of wireless headphones is here. Available from your specialist audio retailer in Spain. Experience the best sound quality with ArtSound and take your music experience to the next level.

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