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French high fidelity

Amplifiers - CD players

Advance Paris is a French brand dedicated to the creation of products focused on high fidelity sound reproduction.

High fidelity, under the fundamental idea of designing reasonably priced equipment, but with impeccable musical quality. Founded in 1995 in Toulouse, Advance Paris has consistently received awards for its products in numerous French trade magazines in the price-performance categories.

Classic and Smart Line, top HiFi electronics

Advance Paris in order to meet the expectations of the audiophile enthusiast, the brand develops outstanding preamplifiers, amplifiers, CD and multimedia players, and all-in-one systems which represent a comprehensive range of equipment in the electronics category. Two lines stand out in their hi-fi product ranges: Classic and Smart Line.

Classic Linethe flagship series of the French firm where performance and high quality meet to develop a new range of products. the most optimal acoustics. On the other hand, the Smart Line is characterised by its compact yet high-performance design in amplifiers, power amplifiers and converters.

Advance Pars PX1BX1
Advance Paris Smart Line, P1 preamp and BX1 power amplifier
PlayStream A1
Advance Paris PlayStream A1
advance valves
X-CD1000 Valve
Advance Pars MyConnect 60B
Advance Paris Myconnect-60B

MyConnect, all in one hi-fi system

The all-in-one systems of the MyConnect series integrate the highest demands for every audiophile in a single system. Amplifier, CD player, FM radio, DAB/DAB+, network connection, Wifi, Bluetooth and USB as well as technological demands all work together to offer the best possible audiophile experience. the ultimate experience of comfort for music lovers. The amplifier is the heart of the MyConnect hi-fi system, where its performance can take the heavy loads of driving the speakers and extract their quintessence.

The MyConnect range incorporates a networked audio player that allows you to play your own music from your PC / MAC, NAS but also from your PC / NAS. from your smartphone or tablet and other media. It is fully compatible with Airplay and DLNA; and will allow you to enjoy streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz, Tune-In, internet radios via TuneIn, iHeart radio and much more. This network player is multi-room, it can play different music in different rooms.

Advance Pars ZENEO ZX
Speakers ZENEO ZX Jeans / Black

ZENEO ZX, high-performance HiFi versatility

The latest novelty from Advance Paris is the ZENEO ZX, a loudspeaker that is the culmination of a long-standing project developed by the French firm to offer a new and improved quality wireless system in the hi-fi arena that combines audiophile performance, ergonomics and versatility for both analogue and dematerialised sources.

An innovative team that integrates the best electronic and acoustic solutions available today.

Air Range, where connectivity and comfort meet

The Air range is Advance Paris' spearhead in solutions that facilitate music on "non-physical" media, and is the first of its kind in the world. with extensive capabilities to adapt on any analogue input. Its wireless speakers and WTX receivers are the umbrella products of the Air range that guarantee users the convenience of listening to their favourite songs on mobiles, computers, tablets and other non-material sources.


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