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Created to offer good hi-fi at competitive prices

For two decades Dynavox has established itself as a renowned company in the development of products from the classical to the modern range offering unique listening experiences.

Since its emergence in the mid-1990s, Dynavox has considerably increased its range of products for the Hi-Fi world, resulting in the brand's worldwide reputation. Classic and modern design, proven technology and innovation to generate an addictive listening experience at an unbeatable price.

Electronic range to suit HiFi fans

The Dynavox brand has consistently and successfully for more than 20 years been maintaining a catalogue of high quality at reasonable prices in the hi-fi world. Dynavox's electronic range is well known for its excellent cost-performance ratio offering unique performances. Preamplifiers, phono preamps, power supply accessories, integrated, power and tube amplifiers, etc. make up a competitive catalogue that will satisfy the most demanding audiophile.

Classic Linethe flagship series of the French firm where performance and high quality meet to develop a new range of products. the most optimal acoustics. On the other hand, the Smart Line is characterised by its compact yet high-performance design in amplifiers, power amplifiers and converters.

electronic range0062
Dynavox electronics range

PS-320 BT, enjoy your vinyls with Dynavox

Following the brand's line of offering high quality alternatives at an affordable price, Dynavox, with proven experience and success in the manufacture of turntables, launches the PS-320 BT. This model integrates high fidelity with Bluetooth under a clear, functional design, sophisticated technology and high quality components.PS-320 BT, is the turntable classic manual with belt drive that will delight vinyl lovers.

Dynavox PS320BT Turntable 0d243
Dynavox PS320BT Turntables
Dynavox RCM 400 Vinyl Cleaner 0a85c
Dynavox RCM 400 Vinyl Cleaner

Quality products for the maintenance of turntable systems

Dynavox stands out for offering solutions for highly effective maintenance of turntables and vinyls at competitive prices. Its many available accessories complete a catalogue for vinyl and turntable lovers that leaves no one indifferent.

On the one hand we have the RCM-400 record cleaner, an effective device to ensure the good performance of the turntable and at the same time increase the sound quality of the vinyls. Dynavox also offers a wide range of brushes in different styles as well as turntable stabilisers and various accessories to complete the range of solutions for every vinyl enthusiast.

Dynavox hi-fi with connections and cables

Amongst its catalogue, Dynavox maintains a wide range of cables and connections to provide the highest quality in the high fidelity of your sounds and music. A wide range that we at Reydis invite you to get to know from your specialised dealer and that will cover the most demanding needs for high performance setups.

Dynavox cables and connectors

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