Chroma 200, a French-born turntable born to succeed

We bring you the Chroma 200, the entry-level turntables in the hi-fi world by Elipson.

Discover the qualities of this magnificent turntable made in France. 

The Elipson Chroma 200 turntable is a manual belt-driven model pre-equipped with a cartridge Ortofon OM-10 MM with an elegant design.

Chroma 200 2

The design and assembly is carried out in Saint Fargeau in Yonne (Burgundy - France). Each Elipson Chroma turntable is individually tested before being put on the market in order to guarantee a optimal performance.

Chroma 200 1 2

The Elipson Chroma 200 turntable, unlike its predecessors, features a new steel plategraduated counterweightas well as by the addition of a arm liftbut also for a new axle system of the plate, a new engine and suspension assembly and a improved electronics.


Thanks to its integrated phono preamplifierthe Elipson Chroma 200 RIAA BT turntable can be used with the connect directly to a hi-fi amplifier without having to go through a preamplifier.

Made in France 2

Haven't you heard of the Elipson Chroma 200 yet? Contact with your nearest distributor and learn more about the Elipson Chroma 200 turntable.

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