Latest from HECO, Belladonna

HECO presents its new high-end speaker set BellaDonna. A set that will not go unnoticed for its design and performance.

These high-end two-way audiophile loudspeakers are characterised by the use of a 200 mm kraft paper bass and 30 mm silk composite tweeter dome. Featuring unique driver technology with newly developed woofers and tweeters. Enclosure solid bass reflex up to 25 mm wall thickness and exclusive appearance.

Heco Belladona set

The ultra-rugged housing is completely resonance-free and presents a real eye-catcher. The body and front panel feature an eye-catching matt silver finishwhile the real cherry wood side panels create a captivating contrast. The loudspeaker grille is equipped with a invisible magnetic support

HECO Belladonna

It has a connection terminal with the option of bi-wiring and retrofitting of the tweeter including a solid and perfectly fitting aluminium bracket. It features a refined, heavy, low-resonance construction with four sturdy aluminium struts and a base plate of 36 mm thick MDF with height-adjustable, solid metal, pointed bases with cushioned, solid metal floor cushions.

Heco belladonna spike 0

All in all a loudspeaker set with a refined design and high-end specifications that reaches the highest perfection in the HiFi world. Order your nearest distributor from HECO and learn more about this high-end speaker set. 

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