Meet the Audio Multiroom

Today we bring you an article about all the possibilities offered by the multiroom.

Thanks to new technological advances, multi-room audio capability is becoming increasingly popular in installations that require it. Integrating connectivity technologies and advances are becoming more and more widespread among music-loving users, multiroom has established itself as a simple and easy-to-use solution for large-scale installations.. In this article we bring you, you will learn about all the virtues that the multiroom offers. 

What is multiroom audio?


With multiroom audio you can play your music or any sound at any point you choose in your home or business wirelessly and control it through your mobile phone or tablet. This will create a network of connected devices such as your speakers, amplifier or AV receiver. You will be able to play independent different music and at different volumes in the rooms where you have multiroom compatible equipment and all this without any loss of sound quality as today's advances in connectivity already make this possible.

The multiroom reaches its potential with the integration of the latest applications in cloud or network storage, music streaming services (Spotify, Amazon Music HD, Tidal, Deezer or Qobuz) and connection of music storage devices; being able to enjoy music throughout your home to the fullest.

The benefits of multiroom


The main advantage, as we mentioned, is the possibility of enjoying the music you prefer throughout the house, being able to modulate its volumes and the different types of music in the different rooms, but this is only the tip of the iceberg of the advantages of the multiroom.

Wireless integration 


Imagine you would like to listen to a streaming jazz session in your living room and when you move to another room, you can continue listening to it on your speakers in your bedroom. With a multi-room compatible speaker (e.g. the Elipson W35+). you can wirelessly synchronise music playback via WiFi through a compatible app on your smartphone or tablet, all without any interference or sudden changes in volume.

Independent music in the different rooms or dedicated multi-room ensembles


Let's imagine you have a business where you offer different spaces for your customers that must be set according to different themes or your home where each member of your family has different musical tastes depending on the time of the day. With multiroom you can synchronise and keep different music threads independent or even group them in sets and modulate their volume as desired.. Imagine the many possibilities you can configure.

multiroom reydis

Do you have equipment that is not multiroom compatible? Add a multiroom partner and you're good to go.


Multiroom-compatible equipment is now available, such as amplifiers that allow you to integrate speakers that do not have multiroom technology, for example. Ideal for those who prefer to preserve the unique identity of hi-fi audio equipment.

Add equipment to your network with multiroom at your own pace.


Multiroom allows you to make your installations more flexible by adding or removing equipment as you wish. If you want to take it easy, you can gradually add multiroom compatible equipment and manage them all in a single system through the dedicated app.

The minimum requirements to enjoy multiroom


Multiroom functionality will require that you have a network ofd wireless broadband WiFi and a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet compatible with Android or iOS (in which you will install an application to manage music playback through the compatible media). Among the audio equipment compatible with multiroom we have speakers and amplifiers that can complete your installation. Here we show you the most outstanding products we have at your disposal.

The multiroom with Elipson, the range of equipment under Elipson connect


The French hi-fi audio firm Elipson maintains an exclusive line of high-performance products for sound lovers which are integrated under excellent connectivity and multiroom compatible features, all of them under the Elipson connect line.

If you are looking to integrate design speakers with great performance, we have the W35+ speakers, compatible with multiroom and with great connectivity, offering WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet RJ45 connections, S/PDIF digital optical input, analogue AUX (mini-jack 3.5 mm). If we add the Connect 250 streamer or the Music Center Connect HD to these speakers, we will expand their possibilities. Elipson also offers us its Connect WiFi Receiver which facilitates the integration of your equipment into a network of compatible devices.

elipson connect multiroom 0

Multiroom with Advance Paris


Advance Paris products focused on music streaming are compatible with multiroom or PlayStream A1, PlayStream A5, PlayStream A7, WTX-Streamtubes, WTX-Microstream, MyConnect150 and MyCast7. The French company offers high-performance hi-fi audio solutions capable of satisfying the interests of the most demanding audiophile.

multiroom advance paris 0

Support your audio with multiroom from ArtSound


The ArtSound brand also offers high-tech solutions that allow you to enjoy all the advantages of multiroom. The Smarthyde and Smartzone devices (Amp1250, Prl1202, Prl1204) enable multiroom functionality by multiplying the possibilities of hi-fi equipment. Whether in your home or business, ArtSound's range of equipment offers excellent reliability and visible performance in its construction to ensure the best acoustic experience.

ArtSound SmartZone and SmartStream

Magnat MMS730 streaming that will allow you to integrate your equipment with multiroom


Magnat, the German electro-acoustic specialist, has developed its high-performance MMS730 streamer. The MMS730 will allow you to incorporate it into your multiroom network and exploit its functionalities to the full. If you are a Magnat fan, the MMS730 inherits the qualities in the HiFi world and enhances them by connecting to other Magnat products.

multiroom magnat

Vincent Audio SV-737 multiroom compatible


The flagship of Vincent Audio's integrated amplifiers, the SV-737 is also multiroom compatible. Via its built-in Wifi module, the amplifier can stream music and can be integrated into your home network. An amplifier that inherits the characteristic HiFi hallmark of the German company.

vincent audio sv737 multiroom compatible

So you see, if you're looking to create a multiroom compatible network, you have multiple options that will suit your hi-fi interests. Consult your specialist dealer and see how you can turn your ideas into reality with leading brands in audio technology for true comfort and reliability.

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