DUAL's new CS 429 automatic turntable now available!

We already have in Spain the new CS 429 automatic from DUAL. We present you the new novelty of the popular German brand.

Today we bring you news from the popular German manufacturer of high quality and high performance turntables, has recently launched its new automatic turntable, the CS 429. For lovers of vinyl and hi-fi, the new DUAL CS 429.

The CS 429, being automatic, provides its user with a excellent comfort ensuring ease of use. The arm raises, moves and lowers automatically at the push of a button.. Simply place the vinyl record on the turntable and press the start button.

dual cs 429 43

The CS 429 has a fully adjustable arm The pad can be changed in the future, altering the tracking force and anti-scattering accordingly. Its internal damping construction decouples the toner and platen from external vibrations, providing a very quiet platform under excellent sound performance combined with precise, optical speed control.

dual cs 429 43

Its MDF construction maintains a design for absorb any internal vibration and includes a removable protective cover.. The platter is constructed of high precision aluminium including heavy rubber mat for resonance damping. Solid platter bearing with a hardened steel shaft in a brass bushing. All functions of the arm can be fully automatic or manual.. Solid aluminium construction with ball bearings. Adjustable tracking force and anti-skating.

cs 429 mechanik 1r

The drive is based on a DC Motor and Belt, allowing precise optical speed control. It features rubber mounts to decouple vibrations and a precision cut belt for less wow and flutter.

Please find attached the technical data of the DUAL CS 429.

Technical data


  • Available speeds: 33/45/78 rpm
  • Analogue output: RCA (line or phono)
  • Cartridge type: MM (Orthophon 2M Red)
  • Needle pressure range: 0-4 g
  • Effective arm length: 221.5 mm
  • Projection: 19 mm
  • Cartridge weight: 5-9 g
  • Plate diameter: 30.5 cm
  • Weight of coil: 850 g (with rubber mat)
  • Wow & Flutter: <0.08 %
  • Dimensions (H/W/H/D): 14,5 / 43,5 / 36,7 cm
  • Weight: 6.2 kg
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