Transpuls 800A, new addition to Magnat's legendary Transpuls series

We bring you a new addition to Magnat's Transpuls series, the Transpuls active loudspeakers. Transpuls 800A.

Developed on the basis of what we are acoustically accustomed to within Magnat's famous series, the new Transpuls 800A has all the rebellious genes of its big brothers. Under a powerful integrated 2 x 120 watt amplifier electronics system and its various connection options make the stereo loudspeaker set a fully-fledged HiFi system that perfectly masters all facets of modern music sources.

Magnat Transpuls 800a 2

With Bluetooth connectivityThe Transpuls can be connected to smartphones and tablets, in addition to the HDM connectivityI makes it the perfect complement to the TV. Its digital input even allows for high-resolution audio playback. Of course, can also handle analogue signals, and the RCA input with switchable phono preamplifier makes the hearts of all vinyl fans beat faster, as they can finally give acoustic competence to their favourite source in a magnificent retro look.

With a height of 385 mm, a width of 240 mm and a depth of 215 mm. The Transpuls 800A fits on even the flattest of shelves, but it must be stable, because its dynamic capabilities demand a location with the necessary strength. The dark-wood casing, the black baffle and the removable textile cover should not be interpreted as an attempt at discretion. That is not the character of the Transpuls 800A.

Magnat Transpuls 800a 1
The characteristic tweeter coil of the Transpuls series, with its precisely calculated geometry, delivers outstanding impulse fidelity. And the bass range is by no means a minor aspect, because the 170 mm diaphragm made of hardened paper with PA technology textile fixation is also synonymous with pure dynamics. In addition, selected components are used in the crossover and the robust connection terminals. The Transpuls may look like a shelf speaker, but inside it beats the musical heart of a real HiFi system. New developments from Magnat that we at Reydis bring you to enjoy the best sound in the HiFi world. Consult our Magnat catalogue in the following link.
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