Vincent Audio launches its new SV-228

Vincent Audio surprises us with its new hybrid integrated amplifier, SV-228.

The new Vincent SV-228 is the evolution within the PowerLine units from the Vincent SV-226 through the SV-226MK, SV-226MKII, SV-227 and SV-227MK.

The SV-228 is presented in a uniquely new design, with a new VU embedded in front panel. The coloured backlight can be switched by means of a slide switch on the rear.

SV 228 Front

The amplifier inputs have also been changed. The new SV-228 now has a Bluetooth input (vers. 5.0) for wireless transmission.

For the home cinema enthusiast, Vincent Audio has incorporated a main input, which allows the unit to be used in a home cinema environment. as a power amplifier, e.g. an A/V preamplifier can be connected.

SV 228 1

The SV-228 has 3 tubes (1 x 6N4, 2 x JJ ECC82) working in the input stage, preparing the musical signal before passing to the output stage. For the final amplification Toshiba A1941 transistors are used which generate an output power of maximum 180 watts per channel. Enough power to drive the critical speakers as well.

The SV-228 is available in two finishes: Silver and Black.

Colours SV 228

Please contact us for more technical information on SV-228 or at your nearest dealer.

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