WTX StreamTubes, a benchmark in the art of streaming

Today we present the new network player WTX-StreamTubes of Advance Paris.

What could be more enjoyable than the sound of vinyl? There is the ability to make music livelier, less aggressive and truly "warmer".

With this premise, Advance Paris tries to obtain an exceptional sound from today's dematerialised sources. After several prototypes, it turned out that the use of subminiature valves 5703 was the ideal solution, so they designed a class A valve output stage that brought "the magic" of vinyl.

StreamTubes 1

The resulting sound reproduction is astonishing, respecting audiophile requirements and recalling the warm musicality appreciated by vinyl lovers.

The WTX-StreamTubes is a WiFi or Ethernet network playerintegrates many streaming services such as Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music. etc., several thousands of local, national and global radio stations via TuneIn or vTuner, as well as enabling playback of locally stored music on your PC, smartphone, tablet or network drive (NAS).

StreamTubes 2

The StreamTubes is multi-room allowing you to send music independently or source identical audio for each room. Compatible with Airplay and DLNA.

You can connect the Bluetooth Direct Digital dongle X-FTB01 or X-FTB02 HD via its patented port, so you can enjoy the warmth of tube sound from your Bluetooth sources.

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