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Founded in Belgium in 1995, ArtSound has always been committed to the art of sound.

Their passion is to develop audio solutions where affordability and quality meet. Artsound has long been a synonym for guarantee when it comes to custom installation in audio projects.

The Belgian firm creates products and solutions that focus on offering practical and versatile solutions for almost any kind of audio project. In the quest to generate experiences, Artsound develops products adapted to everyday situations: at home, on the terrace, at work or in the factory.

The ease of use and accessibility of its products is the fundamental basis for every development they carry out, facilitating the installation and use of the software. The approach is simple based on the needs that are required, without compromising on reliability and versatilityThe company's product lines are based on the key parameters used in the determination and creation of the different product lines it maintains.

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Intelligent Audio Solutions for everyday activities

ArtSound actively listens to its customers' demands and is continually expanding the range of products they offer to include complete audio solutions for a multitude of locations and businesses. From boutiques, restaurants, villas, gardens to hotels.

As a result of many years of feedback from customers and companies, the common denominator of Artsound's loudspeaker and audio electronics lines is the name Intelligent Audio Solutions.

ArtSound is synonymous with audio solutions for every situation or application by keeping a low profile and working closely with the people who do the audio integrations and installs, ensuring great performance and reliability.

Whether it's a clothing shop that needs to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, a warehouse that will need to communicate information clearly, a restaurant that will want to keep customers at their tables, or in the living room where everyone wants to enjoy the best music; ArtSound meets all these needs with a wide range of products. focused for music distribution (in a restaurant or shop), communication (at work, in a warehouse or factory) or active listening to great songs (at home).

A range of loudspeakers and electronics for all types of installations.

As a market leader, ArtSound is able to offer a solution for almost every need. Some of its products are more elegant than others, or are more preferable in small or large spaces, in the rain, over the kitchen or by the pool. Whatever level of sound quality is desired, Artsound has a loudspeaker that adapts to specific needs and requirements. for installation.

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