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Well-known Danish brand that has been manufacturing loudspeakers with excellent price/performance ratio since 1954.

The Monitor series has a great reputation, in particular the Monitor 3, which has been in the homes of many hi-fi enthusiasts for about 20 years. In recent years the brand has made changes and updates to its range of products which are now once again available in Spain thanks to Reydis.

Eltax Monitor PWR 1959 0d865
Eltax Monitor PWR 1959

Special mention should be made of the active version of the Monitor 3 and the popular PWR 1959, which is focused on the 70s/80s vintage lovers.

ELTAX is the ideal brand for those looking for good quality and reliable loudspeakers.. The ELTAX loudspeaker range has the character of good materials, good workmanship, large quantities and affordable prices - the Danish brand's recipe for success for cinema and music enjoyment.

Audiophiles often have a "big" image of these speakers, not because of the size but because of the sound coming out of these speakers that seems to come from larger speakers and therefore capable of delivering a more pleasing, fuller and harmonious sound. This detail suggests that the proposition is certainly attractive, but not without care or low cost.

These competitive speakers are an excellent investment for those who don't want to spend a lot of money on big name speakers, but are still looking for good, balanced sound. Good materials, good workmanship, large quantities and competitive prices are the Danish recipe for cinema and music.

Voyager range, ideal for integration in Karaoke or any party environment.

If what is looking for performance and portability in a portable audio system.Eltax has the Voyager range of portable speakers, ideal for a day of Karaoke, for example. The Voyager range offers great features in connectivity and performance. For example we have the Voyager 15 BT which offers high connectivity as an active wireless speaker with jack connectors, input for portable devices (mini-jack 3.5mm), USB port, Micro SD slot and Bluetooth receiver and under power developed by 2-way woofer 15 " + 450W power tweeter.

Eltax represents an affordable and high-performance brand in the products it develops, characterised by a unique experience in the "greatness" of its HiFi equipment.

Eltax Voyager 12 BT 05cb4
Eltax Voyager 12 BT

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