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Considered the top firm of French electro-acoustic music of the 60s and 70s.

Elipson is a pioneer in the field of sound and audio design and has become a worldwide reference in the HiFi world. Founded in France in 1938, Elipson has positioned itself as a brand very sensitive to innovation and research. Thanks to the enlightening intuitions of Mr. Leòn and more than 50 years of research and development, the French brand offers today a unique range of loudspeakers with an original spherical shape.

Elipson W35166d
Elipson W35

When design meets technology in hi-fi audio

From the collaboration of the world's leading designers of audio and video products, Since the 1960s, Elipson has been creating high-value furniture solutions that are in demand all over the world..

The articles created by the French brand define the construction ideal that has always characterised Elipson: high-end musical products that also accompany the decoration of the environment.

With the emergence and development of new applied technologies, Elipson is increasingly focused on facilitating listeningElipson connect offers high quality resources that provide integrated all-in-one and wireless solutions. Proof of this are the products that through Elipson connect enable an unrivalled level of connectivity such as the exceptionally sublime Planet W35.

Equipment that is a tribute to the sound of the world and its origins

Series such as the Planet series that pay homage to the origins of sound and its propagation as well as a wide range of HiFi speakers with recognised virtues and unbeatable value for money such as the Facet and Prestige series, as well as several lines of turntables, in-wall speaker solutions and high-performance Home Cinema.

Elipson is synonymous with high level of sound and detail under refined designscompact, high-performance electronics. 

Elipson Planet L 2.09271
Elipson Planet L
Elipson Chroma Turntables
ELI HERITAGE XLS15 lifestyleW3ffc
Elipson Heritage XLS15

Elipson connect, when connectivity reaches its maximum expression

The French firm is developing a range of products where an important part of its hallmark is the connectivity features they offer. The products under the wing of Elipson connect have great connectivity features that will allow for all the convenience of being able to enjoy your music without distractions and in the highest quality anywhere in your home or business.. Functionalities such as compatibility multi-room, interconnection via WiFi - Ethernet - Bluetooth and the development of a dedicated app.The Elipson connect line of products is one of the most advanced products to integrate the technology that allows you to enjoy the ultimate in HiFi comfort.

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