Control solutions in audiovisual systems

Universal Remote Controls

URC is a leading global brand in control and automation solutions for residential and business use.

The performance and reliability of the products developed by URC is a fact thanks to the application of excellent technology with more than 100 million remote controls sold in the last 10 years alone.

Integrating innovative and cutting-edge technologies under URC's Total Control and Complete Control, URC's range of remote control systems is comprehensive: from desktop remotes to in-wall touchscreens with mobile app connectivity and features such as voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

URC offers a complete set of intelligent automation and control solutions for your home or commercial environment. Committed to creating new and innovative remote control solutions that take people's everyday lives to a whole new level - at home, at work and in your entertainment space.

Home automation with URC more effective than ever before

URC thinks ahead for its customers in order to offer the maximum comfort under intelligent automation and control solutions for the home or commercial environmentThe EU's role is to help them to focus more on the important things.

URC products allow for easy integration with thousands of brands, including two-way communication for a robust interactive experience.

Over the past 30 years, URC has established partnerships with the leading consumer electronics companies, creating the industry's largest library of control codes..

URC Remote Control Solutions
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High-performance, easy-to-mount solutions for flush-mount speakers

URC offers a wide range of in-ceiling speaker solutions that will elevate you to a true audiophile listening experience. Simple installation takes only seconds thanks to the URC's revolutionary clamping system and the ease of connecting the cables, without compromising on the possibilities of matching with the architecture of the environment.

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