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Founded in Germany, Vincent Audio has been a reference in the HiFi world since 1995.

German know-how guarantees high-quality, excellent and reliable series production. The development of its products takes place in Germany. The German brand VINCENT was founded in 1995 as a trademark by Sintron Distribution GmbH in Iffezheim/Germany.

Unbeatable sound in an emotional and authentic classic line with state-of-the-art engineering

VINCENT represents a continuous orientation towards 2-channel stereo at high-end class. There are two electrical concepts. On the one hand there are solid-state products, devices that are based on pure transistor technology. The solidLine products are the ones that encompass these characteristics and have a precise, light and dynamic sound.

Vincent PHO 300 1c4f6
Vincent PHO 300 - Phono-Preamplifier to connect your turntable to a line input of your amplifier
Vincent Audio Indoor SA T7 KHV 2003e59
Vincent SA-T7 & KVH-200

It remains a visual attraction with fascinating sounds. Listen to the delicate and soothing tones

The other is the hybrid technology: Includes equipment that is partly equipped with valves to give the sound the typical "tube character", but which use the solid-state power at the output stage. This provides the power to get even difficult loudspeakers going. The sound character is airy and dynamic, but also the hybrid units offer their own charms with valves that add a certain warmth to sound.

Founded in Germany, Vincent Audio has been a reference in the HiFi world since 1995.

Vincent Audio - tubeLine

tubeLine, when valve essence meets the best design

The series tubeLine, with great popularity among HiFi lovers, it is where valve technology takes centre stage with a visual attraction under fascinating sounds with delicate and quiet tones. This range is represented by preamplifiers, power amplifiers, CD players, hybrid and integrated amplifiers, in which tube technology and refined design play a major role.

powerLine, when power stands for its best sounds

The range powerLine represents the emotive classic line of the German company under authentic state-of-the-art engineering for an unbeatable sound. The German company puts all its experience in the HiFi world into a product line of great construction and quality, where the price-performance ratio finds the best balance. Represented by preamplifiers, integrated and hybrid amplifiers, CD players, converters as well as power filters, Vincent Audio with powerLine will delight even the most experienced audiophile. 

Vincent Audio - powerLine
Vincent Audio - cableLine

cableLine, the connecting details of the best HiFi-experience

Finally, we have the range cableLine which represent the must-have products to make every quality connection in the HiFi world a reality. Indispensable supplements such as XLR, RCA, single-wire and double-wire speaker cables made of the best materials and high-quality technology.

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