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Norstone is a well known and appreciated brand among HiFi enthusiasts.

For the outstanding price/quality ratio of its furniture, stands and accessories for furnishing living rooms, lounges and listening rooms.

The versatility of Norstone's furniture and accessories deliver the utility for which they are designed, offering a pleasingly modern aesthetic with great attention to detail in interior design.

Norstone's ongoing collaboration with designers enables the development of innovative and aesthetically pleasing furniture that is manufactured to accommodate modern electronic devices. Functional furniture that integrates well into any domestic environment. All Norstone products are manufactured with care and attention to detail.

Norstone also develops a range of speaker cables and connectors that have proven over the years to be of excellent quality and cost-effective, combining excellent quality, good electrical capabilities and an attractive price.

Norstone ESSE Stand798d
Norstone Esse Stand

Norstone is synonymous with prestige

The Norstone brand is world famous in the audio and video sector, highlighting the versatility offered by its emblematic furniture. Ranges such as the Esse, the Khalm or the Stylum speaker stands in their different versions already have thousands of customers all over the world.

Furniture designed for the AV world

Norstone's versatile enclosed furniture offers extended possibilities such as to be able to remotely control connected devices inside the enclosure even when the door is closed.

The equipment, CDs, and cables are covered from view by a door, but the infrared remote controls are able to pass through closed doors so that they do not have to be kept open during use. In addition, the cabinets have convenient concealed cable management and there are vents to allow the equipment to be cooled. Robustness and detail in their specifications characterise the models developed by Norstone.

Robustness and reliability of specifications

At Norstone they are very careful in the development of their furnitureThe fact of the matter is every shelf of every cabinet they release, be it HiFi or AV, are capable of bearing a specified specific weightThis allows us to know their resistance.

Easy to assemble furniture

The ease with which Norstone assembles and installs its furniture is a point for which many customers value the brand, avoiding expenses and inconveniences and offering the desired comfort.

Norstone Stabbl3711
Norstone Stabbl

Environmentally friendly

Norstone thinks green throughout its manufacturing process, from packaging to warehousing to ensure environmental sustainability.

Norstone Skye Cablef337
Norstone Skye Cable

A leading manufacturer of power and connection cables for HiFi - Home Cinema.

Norstone has extensive experience in the development of extensive ranges of proven value-for-money and reliable speaker cables which have a large number of amateur users and installers.

The ranges offer a multitude of solutions ranging from coils of different lengths (up to 100 metres) for loudspeakers, transparent or different finishes, with different conductor thicknesses, ultra-thin and flat, etc...

Of the notable ranges, there are three:

Arran stands for maximum convenience and quality signal transmission at a low cost; Jura stands for high quality connections, fine plating and perfect finishes; and Skye stands for over-protection, shielding and plating.

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