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Cornered Audio, specialising in aesthetically pleasing sound system solutions for commercial and bespoke sites.

Cornered Audio specialises in developing aesthetically pleasing sound systems for commercial and customised installations. With a unique 90 degree triangular designCornered Audio loudspeakers allow for discreet and elegant installation. Without brackets, they make it easy to place them directly on your wall or ceiling, under balconies or, of course, in the corner. Cornered Audio's products allow you to blend in with the beauty by being a perfect complement for an elegant interior design.

Combined with the advanced DSP amplifier, Cornered offers a top quality solution with unsurpassed aesthetics, coverage and sound quality. And with their ease of use and uncompromising reliability, our systems will entertain you for years to come.

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Cornered Audio C5
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Cornered Audio adapts to your environment

Adaptable solutions for every situation

Cornered Audio offers several ranges that adapt to the needs of each environment. Cornered Audio loudspeakers are very successful worldwide due to their versatility, guaranteed to bring your facility to life with high-end sound..

Cornered Audio's cornerstone C Series

The C Series comprises a specialised and refined range of installation loudspeakers designed for high-end entertainment venues, hotels and conference rooms, and even surround sound systems for high performance. Made of aluminium with MDF baffles and premium drive units, the C Series enclosures are sleek and compact, with very wide dispersion, low power compression and unsurpassed sound quality. And, of course, they are mounted without stands and have concealed cable terminals.

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Ci series to suit commercial installations

The Ci series is a feature-packed range of loudspeakers designed to commercial facilities. With ABS enclosures, IP65 certification and 100V mode, the Ci series can be installed in a wide range of indoor and outdoor applicationssuch as shops, restaurants, cafeterias and meeting rooms. The sliding mounting system makes installation quick and flexible and the Ci series offers excellent value for money for the broad spectrum of commercial environments.

LS1, the aesthetic line

The LS1 is a flexible line-source loudspeaker offering a aesthetic approach to sound reinforcement in difficult locations. Two, four or six models can be hung in a straight vertical array, offering 50, 40 and 30 degree vertical coverage with a range of over 35 metres. The rear-mounted cantilever system is very discreet and adds to the aesthetics. The LS1 features a powerful subwoofer. The six-piece LS1 delivers up to 105 dB on 35 metres with hi-fi-like sound quality and a very small footprint.

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Ease of installation and no modifications

Cornered Audio's angled loudspeakers mount efficiently and elegantly on walls and ceilings. The mounting points are integrated into the design, discreetly concealed behind the front cover so that no brackets take up space behind the loudspeaker.

Vertically in a corner, horizontally between wall and ceiling, above or below the TV as a centre channel, or behind the sofa as a rear channel speaker, Cornered Audio speakers adapt to your environment for the best sound experience.

Cornered speakers offer great versatility, for example if you don't want to mount the speakers on a wall, you also have the option of placing them in the traditional way, on a shelf or on top of a piece of furniture.

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