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Cyrus Audio is one of the biggest names in global hi-fi.

It has a track record of more than three decades of award-winning products. Over the years, the brand has received dozens of prestigious awards and accolades from the world's most prestigious magazines and specialists.

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Cyrus i9XR

Cyrus' values revolve around the historic research and development team that has carried the banner of absolute excellence over the years. Since the company's inception, CYRUS has received world-wide reputation for incredible engineering expertise and finesse in the application of converting technologies into "real world" products.

In Cyrus the The most obvious common denominator is the small size of their products.. It is easy for them to design great sound without any physical or budgetary constraint and challenging the continuous pushing of the boundaries of audio technology.

With its iconic mid-size formats, the British brand has helped write the history of music reproduction.

Equipment manufactured in the United Kingdom

Founded as a spin-off from Mission UK, Cyrus has cemented its prestigious niche on the international stage and, since 1983, has been a leading player in the field, designs, manufactures and maintains its own line of electronic products. in Huntingdon (Cambridgeshire, UK) to ensure the highest quality standards for audiophiles. More than 30 people make up the day-to-day business process at Cyrus.

This allows each component, equipment and systems to be checked with high detail and thoroughness to achieve the level of excellence commensurate. The focus of CYRUS' mission is on its end customers.

The Cyrus portfolio focuses on offering a very specific and versatile line of sources and amplifiers. The sources are organised into integrated.

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Cyrus Classica

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