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Since 1973, Magnat has a proven track record in the hi-fi world.

By developing first-class equipment with extensive technical know-how, the German brand defines itself as a benchmark of perfection.

Magnat ICT 62 02d51
Magnat ICT 62

Magnat stands for quality and perfection

Complemented by the state-of-the-art measuring and manufacturing technology, magnat develops excellent products within everyone's reach..

Based in Pulheim, near Cologne, Magnat designs its products to meet the needs of the most demanding audiophiles. Guaranteeing the reliability and precision of its products, Magnat focuses on meeting the needs of the audio market in detail by incorporating the most suitable materials of construction into the manufacture of its products. From the magnet to the speaker cone to the cabinet, every detail is perfectly thought through with Magnat. The brand designs, builds and tests all its products, the latter using state-of-the-art technology.. But they always maintain that it is the developed ear of their users that has the final word on the excellence of their products.

Klippel, laser-assisted measurements for highest loudspeaker quality

Magnat employs the most sophisticated development tools in the development and design of a loudspeaker. One of these is the so-called Klippel system. This laser-assisted measurement and simulation system allows measurements and predictions of the final properties of loudspeakers to be made with unprecedented accuracy.

This tool allows the final output of the loudspeakers to perform with much lower distortion, greater detail enhancement and more intense dynamics than those measured with conventional systems.

HiFi and Home Cinema

Magnat's product portfolio encompasses both HiFi and home cinema products. From the classic passive loudspeaker to the active streaming system. Magnat also develops a wide range of high-end electronics products that complete a supreme portfolio for the AV enthusiast or professional.

Three ranges for every audiophile, the Signature 500, 700 and 900.

The signature range is made up of three ranges of different performances and with the versatility of different configurations that suit music and home cinema lovers.

Starting with the range Signature 500which is established as the entry level range, passing through the range Signature 700The range of products and services is a new, high-performance product offering an excellent price/performance ratio. Signature 900The premium performance of the highest quality in the world of Hifi.

Magnat Signature900 Ambiente 0f3da
Magnat Signature 900
Magnat Transpuls 150082d2
Magnat Transpuls 1500

Transpuls, where retro meets cutting-edge technology

Retro design under pure musicality, these are the strengths of the series. Transpuls representing classic state-of-the-art technology in the Hifi world. Its design takes us back to the glorious times of the 70s and 80s but incorporating updated technical specifications from that era.

The series is composed of 3 models of different qualities but keeping the classic style that represents the line, Transpuls 1500, 1000, 800A.

The transpuls 1500 comprises the largest speakers in the series for a high-end experience, with a 15" woofer and dynamic tweeter horn. The state-of-the-art technologies integrated in their construction deliver a powerful and lively sound supported by a very powerful bass. All this power is protected under a sturdy MDF casing with high-quality dark wood decoration and removable fabric cover in retro design.

Transpuls 1000 being more compact than the Transpuls 1500 maintains two distinct models to match the stereo sound. Integrating a three-way system consisting of a high-quality 260 mm full-size woofer, a 135 mm dome and, of course, a tweeter coil, the Transpuls is an example where technology meets retro.

Finally, we have the Transpuls 800A, keeping its classic character and rebellious genes, it is characterised under a 2-way active speaker system with bluetooth, hdmi, digital and analogue inputs.

Magnat Transpuls 800Ad15f
Magnat Transpuls 800A
Electronics 09d6a
Magnat MA700

State-of-the-art electronics with the latest technologies

Magnat applies its philosophy of cutting-edge technology in the development of equipment such as hybrid tube amplifiers (MA 900, MA 700), hybrid receivers (MR 750, MR 780), CD players (MC100 and MC200), turntables (MT900) and streamers (MMS 730).

Integrating the highest performance for sublime performanceThe Magnat electronics series will delight those who are looking for high-quality HiFi equipment.

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