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DUAL, the German reference brand in turntable manufacture

From watch suppliers to turntable manufacturers, the German brand DUAL has established itself as a leading manufacturer of renowned in the production of turntable equipment worldwidewhose common denominator is the sophistication and detail in their designs. Their equipment is aimed at demanding customers who are looking for perfection and quality in vinyl reproduction.

Precision in manufacturing is a standard at DUAL, providing products of the highest quality. high reliability and built to last.

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Sound for the senses from the hand of DUAL

Vinyl is once again part of our lives today and Dual has not lagged behind in developing new turntables from high fidelity for audiophile enthusiasts.

For every situation there is a type of music that accompanies us in the world of vinyl. A party or dinner at home with friends, background music to accompany a family meal or simply to enjoy alone and lose yourself in the magnificent stereo sound of the HI-FI system.

Dual offers a wide range of manual and automatic turntables for every situation.

Manual, Automatic and Reference

Dual develops three ranges with different qualities to delight vinyl enthusiasts.

ManualThe new, precision-engineered turntables offer unparalleled performance.

In this line we have the CS 418, CS 518, CS 618Q defined by different manual turntable performances.

AutomaticThe new vinyl player, which offers excellent comfort and excellent qualities in vinyl playback.

Reference with its Primus Maximus a limited edition handmade in Germany and of unique qualities.


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