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Lumene is a leading brand in France

It has a wide range of high quality cinema screens and home cinema seats that are accessible to all. At the forefront of innovation, its solutions satisfy the most demanding customers by providing a quality horizon corresponding to much more expensive products on the market.

Lumene Showplace Acoustic 049e3
Lumene Showplace Acoustic

From mid-range to high-end, all Lumene products benefit from innovative and intelligent technologies for ease of installation and maximum quality.

Home cinema as you've never experienced it before

Lumene's philosophy is to bring the magic of cinema into the homes of its customers. Its products aim to create a unique cinematic experience at home. The video projection screens and seating that Lumene produces give away virtuous moments of pleasure and tranquillity at home under the highest quality and at an affordable price..

Attention to detail under a multitude of sizes

All details are taken care of from the most basic line. All screens incorporate solutions such as infrared remote controls, RS232 connections for control, sliding fixing brackets, SOMFY motors, excellent quality canvases for all needs (from rear projection to 3D and from transparent sound to high gain). The wide range of sizes guarantees a suitable optimisation for a multitude of applications.

Lumene is synonymous with quality in the search for the top display.

Its displays are designed to covering all needs by providing improvements, from the basic to the most premium ranges.From the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to 8K displays, and always with easy installation and a unique mounting system.

The premium electric models - such as the SHOWPLACE UHD and MOVIE PALACE HD - use Somfy's silent motor and include the most comprehensive controllers on the market as standard, with an infrared receiver, a trigger and a remote automation connector. The fabric variants are of the highest quality: the acoustic fabric used has a proven reputation in the market at an affordable price.

Lumene Ambiente 0075d
Lumene Displays

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