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Since 1996, Tangent Audio has been creating unique audio products that appeal to both the eye and the ear.

Tangent, the leading Danish design firm in the HiFi world since 1996, the Danish brand has created unique audio products that appeal to both the eye and the ear. Its track record is marked by winning numerous international tests, as well as thousands of fans. Tangent is synonymous with the assurance of uncompromising sound, full of character, design and ease of use.

 Its product portfolio is represented by a wide range of wireless speakers, radios, CD players and other audio products.

Tangent Set Xpectrum Ampster BT Tuner II9f40
Tangent Set Xpectrum and Ampster BT Turner II

Tangent has been developing high quality products for more than 20 years and has won numerous international awards and thousands of fans.

Consumers of the Danish brand's products will always find a high quality sound, remarkable character, design and ease of use. In addition to their high acoustic quality that allows you to enjoy music like never before, the solidity and high quality materials used in their manufacture make them durable and resistant.

Tangent has distinguished itself for its original designs and quality solutions. Their products range from vintage radios to HiFi speakers, wireless bluetooth speakers and a range of electronic products such as amplifiers and CD players.

Today, Tangent is an internationally renowned brand that stands out on the international stage for its long history and technical tradition, its characteristic Scandinavian design, meticulous assembly and the use of high quality materials.

Tangent, your audio in any environment

The range of Tangent Audio products meet the most diverse requirements and integrate perfectly into any listening environment.. The range of loudspeakers and electronics offered by the Danish brand is wide and expanding.

Fresh from a restyling in 2019 and the Danish company's best-selling and award-winning Ampster series, Tangent Audio's Ampster series offers a multitude of applications for HiFi enthusiasts, from compact solutions such as Ampster BT 2 to the Tangent HiFi which offers a complete solution combining Ampster BT 2, CD II and Tuner II.

Tangent Ampster BT II 038de
Tangent Ampster BT II
Tangent Spectrum X41978
Tangent Spectrum X4

If you need aesthetically pleasing, high acoustic performance and reliability, the Spectrum range is the passive or amplified loudspeakers with the characteristic of offering a great value for money at HiFi. An affordable reference in the quality audio scene.

The range Tangent Spectrum The Spectrum X4 is a comprehensive range offering small desktop speakers such as the Spectrum X4, larger models such as the Spectrum X5 as well as an amplified version with Bluetooth connectivity called the Spectrum X5 BT. We also have the XSW8 subwoofer, a great option for integrating a home theatre system with a central option such as the Spectrum XC and the Spectrum X6 floorstanding speakers, making it possible to create a unique audio-visual experience at an unbeatable price. The entire Spectrum line is available in two colours: black or white with an elegant wooden base.

Radio and audio at its best

Tangent has a wide range of high quality radios, which offer unrivalled sound quality. All Tangent radios have FM reception and depending on the model can also include DAB, DAB+ or AM radio. Taking advantage of current technologies and user demands, Tangent also offers DAB radio with CD player as well as a selection of radios that integrate Bluetooth streaming.

One example of this is the range of radios called the ELIO including extensive functions such as FM | DAB+ | Internet connection | Bluetooth | Online Radio and even CD player. A very complete and compact option for maximum convenience.

Tangent Elio Stereoa7c6
Tangent Elio Stereo

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