New X-A600 Stereo Power Amplifier by Advance Paris

The prestigious French company presents its new stereo power amplifier. X-A600. It has a linear power supply based on a 700VA toroidal transformer and a set of 6 capacitors for a total of 60000 μF. In combination with the "very high current" power transistors (NJW0281G - NJW0302G), Advance Paris guarantees a dynamic sound even under heavy loads.

The X-A600 delivers 200 watts per channel in class AB at 8Ω.. A "High BIAS" switch located on the rear of the unit allows the X-A600 to deliver the first few watts in Class A sliding. Beyond this power, switching to Class AB is done automatically. The X-A600 has a very rigid chassis due to its mechanical design. Each circuit is separated from the others by a compartmentalised construction that ensures effective shielding.

AP X A600 2

The separate power amplifier is an indispensable part of any advanced audio system. In combination with the X-P700 preamplifier a high-quality audiophile system can be built that can delicately drive all loudspeakers under absolute control over the woofers.. Equipped with RCA and XLR connectors, the A-X600 can be used in hi-fi or home cinema.. For more discretion during your session, you have the possibility to turn off the vumeters.

Here are its technical characteristics: 

Output power 8 Ω - 2 X 200 W RMS

Output power 4 Ω - 2 X 300 W RMS

Frequency response - 10 Hz - 80 kHz

Distortion Inf. at 0.05%

Signal-to-noise ratio Sup. at 120 dB

Crosstalk - Sup. at 90 dB

AC input - 115V / 230V

Standby consumption - Inf. to 0.5 W

Maximum consumption 500 W

Transformer power - 700 VA

Type of transformer - Toroïdal

Tickets - Tickets - Tickets - Tickets Line level on RCA and XLR

Input selection (RCA / XLR) Rear panel switch

Departures -  Connections: Banana / Spade / Bare cable

High polarisation setting - Yes

Vumeter settings - Yes (ON / OFF / Low / Mid / Hi)

Remote control - Remote control - Remote control - Remote control No

Trigger - 2 (IN / OUT) 12V

Product size (L x H x W in cm) - 43×19,5×42,4

Packing size (L x H x W in cm) - 58,5×35,5×57,5

Gross weight (kg) - 20,6

Net weight (kg) - 19

Model - X-A600

EAN code - EAN code - EAN code - EAN code - EAN code - EAN code - EAN code 3760179292350

Find out more about the A-X600 from your trusted dealer, consult your nearest distributor. in this link.

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